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JOHN from the USA.

John( 52) desired to find a life long partner in the Czech Republic. He become a member 2,5 months before his arrival so that we have enough time for the quality matchmaking process and proa ctive searches ( our VIP clients are not limited to the database and he decided to go for the VIP matchmaking package and VIP Prague package. John started communication with suitable ladies before his arrival. ( this depends on the time of the client- it is possible to have just face to face dates)

Arrival Wednesday late in the night. Pick up at the airport Introduction meeting and resting time.

On Thursday lunch time first date with Eva (28). They spend 5 hours together. 2 hours lunch and than Eva decided to show John her village town which is at the subburb of Prague and the local life.

Thursday evening dinnet at 8:30pm with Iveta in a nice romantic restaurant by the river with special wine tasting. Iveta offered John to show him Prague night life and they continued to some other bars.

Friday brunch with Denisa ( 31): Denisa owns a chain of restaurant and she offered John to have a nice brunch in one of them.

In the evening John met Sabina and they had a special package with dinner in a restaurant by the river and than tranfer to the international musical.

Saturday morning John met Ivana ( 38) and the date was schedule at a golf course. Both Ivana and John love golf and they both prefared to meet in this kind of occasion.

In the early evening John had early dinner with Monika( 26)

And in the evening he met Zaneta. Zaneta works at Hilton and she had a VIP tickets for a Hilton birthday party that evening. She invited John.

John asked us to cancel his Sunday dates and other days dates. He had only 4 days left of his holiday in Europe and he wanted to spend more time with ladies which he had the best connection with and that was Ivana and Zaneta.

Ivana offered to tak John on Sunday to a Beer museum and than to show him a church of bones.

Zaneta offered John to spend with her Monday afternon ( when she had time off work) in the hIlton spa.

After John spended more time with Zaneta and Ivana he knew that the best connection he has with Denisa and he offered her to go for a 3 days trip to Paris and she agreed.

Than John returned to the USA. They kept in touch and the connection got better and better. John invited Denisa to the USA and since Czech ladies do not need a passport to go to the USA it was easy. Now they are in the engagement process.

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