Exclusive dating service for busy professionals who do not want to compromise on their choice of partner! Face to face dates.


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We introduce you to gorgeous Czech & Slovak ladies with a genuine interest in a serious relationship with a foreign man.

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We are a results driven agency and we arrange dates with Czech women and Slovak women who are looking for a serious relationship with a foreign man
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If you are serious about finding your perfect czech bride for a serious relationship...
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Introduction Agency - matchmaking agency

Exclusive dating service for busy professionals who do not want to compromise on their choice of partner! Face to face dates with Czech women and Slovak women.

We introduce you to gorgeousCzech women & Slovak women with a genuine interest in a serious relationship with a foreign man like you.

World renowned as the industry leader for upscale dating- introduction services, Destiny Woman Dating- Introduction Agency sets the standard today for professionals seeking serious, long term relationships.

Do not compromise in finding your ideal life partner. Let our experienced matchmaking experts introduce you to stunning and suitable Czech women or Slovak women! After all, isn't it time that you met the real love of your life? We are a results driven and dynamic company and we are happy to personally serve you.

Can you imagine better holiday than comming to Prague and meeting every days stunning ladies who are eagerly awating you after matchmaking process? These ladies are looking for a serious relationship with a foreign man like you.

Get ready to fall in love!

We are experts in matching foreign men with stunning Czech women who are beautiful,intelligent, and unspoiled by feminism and materialism with the right family values.

Our job is to convey the best qualities about you to the ladies and make them even more excited to meet you.

We save you the disappointment of having to wait to meet someone special at later stages of your life, and furthermore we match you with very beautiful ladies. These ladies come to us because they lack the opportunities to meet foreign men in their everyday life. These stunning Czech women or Slovak women have no problems finding a man but they prefer foreign men! These women choose our agency because we maintain their privacy as well as that of our clients and we do not show their pictures on the internet. That is important for them. Confidentiality is very important to us, as many of our clients are professionals or famous in their fields. Among our clients is an Oscar winner and Lord from the UK, directors from large companies or managers as well as famous models, actresses, politicians or even just ladies who are still students. We are open to anyone that is seeking to meet that special lady, whether our lower memberships or VIP packages.

To ensure the highest possible attention and quality of services per client, we only accept a certain number of clients per month. Our clients have been grateful for this dedicated attention, and has also lowered the competition for them compared to other agencies that have tens of thousands of men competing for only several thousand women.

We have matchmakers with deep knowledge in the psychology of matchmaking and we can introduce you to stunning ladies and save you the time and displeasure of having to wait longer in your life to meet that special lady.

We give you a lot of advice and will gladly address any questions that you have about Czech women and how they compare with Russian and other ladies.

Save yourself time and meet our stunning ladies and choose the best for your life.

You cannot Google love, have our experienced matchmakers find the right lady for you.

Save yourself time and use proven technique of our matchmakers and structured matchmaking process.

The most expensive thing in someones life is loneliness

Without effort Destiny will not work

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