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We will show your profile to both new ladies who register within your 8 month (VIP) membership period as well as ladies that have already been registered. Only ladies who agree to communicate with you will provide their contact details to you. How a lady contacts you varies from lady to lady. Some like to chat through Skype, and will provide you with their Skype account, while others like to give you their email or phone number, or prefer to communicatethrough our agency. Other ladies prefer to meet in person first before providing their contact information, so we recommend that you plan a Prague trip to maximize your chances of success.

We would like to note that although we very much like to see all of our clients happy, you are paying for us to search for ladies, not for guaranteed results with any particular lady or type of lady, as contacts and relationships cannot be guaranteed, whether through traditional dating or matchmaking. We save you days of searching on your own, and this is what you're paying for.

We are honest with our clients and will tell you whether your requirements for ladies may involve more work than usual. We do not guarantee that we will be able to find the right matches for you, or that any lady that you choose will agree to contact you, or pursue a relationship with you, and that is because we ONLY register real, single women actively searching for partners. We have a very rigorous vetting system and do not allow any scams, professional daters, or anyone who is not genuinely interested in dating a man like yourself. However, because all of our ladies are real, it will require their consent and agreement before they decide to give you their contact information, just as you would if you approached a lady on your own. Matchmaking is a two-way street, and it requires the ladies attraction and interest in your profile for them to agree to contact you.

Many clients either do not have the social circles to approach ladies on their own, or are too shy, or too busy. What we do for you is search and approach ladies on your behalf. This is the main portion of our work, and this is what you're paying for. We save you from the anxiety and frustration of approaching ladies on your own, and potentially facing rejection in person. However, we cannot guarantee that the ladies that we find and approach will say yes to you, as it depends on whether the lady is attracted to your profile.

We place maximum effort to search and approach as many ladies as possible based on your membership level, with VIP members getting the largest number of beautiful ladies that we approach on your behalf. However, we cannot guarantee results, or that the exact type of lady that you're looking for will agree to meet with you. We catalogue and record each lady that we contact on your behalf, as well as any additional personalized advertising, marketing, and venues where we promote your profile to new ladies that are not yet registered in our agency.

In addition to ladies already registered in our agency, exclusive for our VIP members, we also have the option to go to universities, art galleries, concerts, conferences, parties, and many other locations to search for new ladies on your behalf and approach them with your profile. This takes alot of time and effort that you normally would have to do on your own. We do it for you, and this is what you're paying us to do. We cannot guarantee that any of the ladies we approach will say yes, but we will try many different venues searching for them.

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